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Support a Local Business Challenge

Many local businesses are facing the biggest challenge to their survival in a lifetime.

If you’ve had a positive experience with a local business, why not take a moment to share that experience with the rest of the community to help local community members find a great resource and to help support that local business?

DuoLocal Open Business Listings Initiative (DOBLI)

Help to ensure all local businesses in your community are properly represented online and are able to benefit from the support of members of your community online and offline. If you are aware of a local business that does not yet have a DuoLocal Business Listing, please take a moment to add a listing. Taking this initiative could earn rewards in multiple ways.

How are we doing? Please help us better serve you by sharing your feedback.

DuoLocal.com is a leading resource for connecting local businesses and the communities they serve.

Our local business reviews, free job postings, local events, free online courses and more help businesses and communities build stronger trusted local relationships.

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